Prezi~ “make your presentations zoom”.

Prezi allows you to upload a PowerPoint Presentation and bring it to life through editing and Prezi tools.  My current upload is still a “work in progress”.





PB Works- Online Team Collaboration

As an Instruction Design graduate student at Walden University, I collaborated with other Learners through PB Works.  PB Works is a Wiki site where Learners can collaborate in real time.

The Learning Module was divided into the following sections: Design, Development, Implementation & Facilitation Guide, and Evaluation Plan. Each group member worked on a particular section through PB Works to create a complete Learning Module based upon the AECT Standards.

I developed the Implementation Plan and Facilitation Guide and created our group name, “Design4Instruction”.

Design4Instruction PB Works Wiki

logo created in Photoshop

Grammar: Review the 8 Parts of Speech

By middle school, state standards indicated students should know and use the 8 parts of speech with 100% accuracy.

If your students are having difficulty or you just need to review before a test, this Glogster entitled, “Grammar: Review the 8 Parts of Speech” is a great way to review.

Grammar: Review the 8 parts of Speech” contains one sentence with all 8 parts of speech.  The students can read the sentence and choose what part of speech is being used.  The can then click on the raindrop and self-check their answers.

A link to Fun Brain’s, “Gorilla Grammar Game” is included.  At the end of the lesson, students can complete a “Self-Assessment”.

If you have an comments, questions, or would like to share what your students (or you) thought of the Glogster Game, please feel free to leave them!! I look forward to hearing from you.

Have a Blessed Day!!

Types of Pronouns

Types of Pronouns is an “all in one” location for a lesson Pronouns.  Type of Pronouns, created using Glogster, contains